My Fun Best Friend!

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I had not seen one of my charlotte London escorts regulars for a long time. I thought it was a bit strange as he used to come around to hangout with me and my London escorts friends on a regular basis. He was the kind of guy who enjoyed the company of two women, not just one. Anyway, to cut along story short, I had not seen him for some time and I had started to worry about him. Had something happened to me?

Then, like a bolt out of the blue, he suddenly turned up. He apologised profusely that he had not been around to see me or hook up with any of the other girls at our London escorts. I told him I was surprised but these things do happen at London escorts. Clients do come and go. Sometimes, you don’t see them for ages and all of a sudden they materialise again. A bit like Klingons on Star Trek if you know what I mean.

Anyway, my client seemed delighted to see me. We went for a meal and sat there talking for ages. It was only too apparent that he had something on his mind. Little by little, he started to tell me what he had been up to. Had he used a different London escorts agency? It turned out that he had met a girl who he thought was really hot. They started going out , and one thing led to another. What he did know, was that this sexy girl was a shemale!

At first, he thought he could live with it. He said that he had tried more or less everything to make the relationship work for him and his shemale. But in the end, he realised that he could not handle being in a relationship with a shemale. So, he picked up the phone and called London escorts instead. I know that it is not easy. You may think of someone as a woman, but ultimately, you may come to the conclusion that the relationship is not right for you. Going out with someone who is really a man can put a lot of men off. Should a shemale tell a date that she is indeed a guy? To be fair to him, I think telling someone that you are a shemale is the best thing you can do.